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  • Quality

    Quality at reasonable cost is our basic business principle. Our goal is to meet the customer requirements & achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Competative rates

    We pride ourselves in offering the most affordable and competitive rates.

  • Packing

    All our products are meticulously packed keeping in mind the safety of the product, where we follow time bounded delivery schedule.

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Shree Ayyappa Sai Chemicals

Our dedication to exceed the expectations of our customers fuels us to innovate our processes and products. We continuously bring improvements and think of new ways to make our products better.

Our strength and range of products allow us to meet our customer's specific requirements; our successful manufacturing progressed to add numerous other products wherein we are pleased to inform you our foray into manufacturing and supplying of SAS brand phenyl as the flagship product of our company.

We supply material in units as well as wholesale in the vicinity. We are currently supplying our stocks to various Malls, Hospitals, offices, shops, school and individual households and railway too. As a user advantage, we have analyzed well the pros and cons of the materials already existing in the market, and have ensured that our products are better both in quality and pricing factor for our target customers.